Family Office

Wealth Management

Our clients are traditionally concerned by three challenges regarding their wealth: ProtectionEnhancementSuccession. Our Family Office will assist you in structuring your wealth so that you and your family can make the most out of it.

  • Map your current structure: You want to review your personal or corporate structure? We help you visualize your current structure in a simplified and legible way.

  • Set your objectives: You contemplate a corporate reorganisation, your personal relocation or your succession planning? We help you determine and articulate a precise set of objectives.

  • Identify the pathways and design the optimal one: The beginning of every reorganisation is full of question marks. Which jurisdiction? Which vehicle? Which legal instrument? What about regulation? What about reporting? What…? We help you ask the right questions, define the structure that fits your needs and anticipate every detail before pulling the trigger.

  • Monitor implementation and lifetime: We will coordinate with your legal and tax Relationship Officer, identify the right service provider in a specific field or jurisdiction, ensure efficient, timely and qualitative deliverable, monitor performance. We will be there to walk you and the project through.

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