Whistleblowing, how to report a misconduct?

We believe that conducting banking activities with ethics is critical to our long term success. Ethics, integrity and honesty are the foundations based on which we build our reputation and our competitive excellence. Even though the integrity and ethics have in recent years emerged as a central pillar in the operations of financial institutions worldwide, these concepts are not new to our Bank. They form part of the culture and values of the Bank throughout its course.

As a bank, we have a responsibility to our clients, employees, shareholders and each other. We are committed to upholding the highest ethical standards in all our business and professional operations and relationships. Earning and maintaining the trust of our stakeholders is fundamental. We owe this, and no less, to the clients we serve.

The Code of Conduct and Ethics is our code for putting our Bank’s values into action. It defines the Bank’s expectations to ensure that together we achieve our vision and fulfil our commitment to our stakeholders.

Misconduct Reporting, who to contact and how in case of unethical behaviour?

Eurobank Private Bank Luxembourg S.A. encourages all staff, and any concerned third party, to submit reports or comments.

Reports or comments should be about breaches of policies, procedures and legislation in force, e.g.: theft, embezzlement, bribery and corruption, money laundering, conflicts of interest, non-compliance with the Eurobank Private Bank Luxembourg S.A. Code of Conduct and Ethics and/or policies, or  anything that could damage the reputation of Eurobank Private Bank Luxembourg S.A., as well as any attempt to cover up any such incidence.

If you believe that you or someone else is a victim of harassment or discrimination, or you suspect potential wrongdoing or are faced with conduct or situations that may raise ethical, legal or regulatory concerns, you may use one of the below of reporting channels:

How to report misconduct

You may use one of the following reporting channels:

  • Send an email to EthicsHotline@eurobankpb.lu
  • Send a letter to the attention of the Internal Audit Department and/or the Governance and Internal Controls Department and/or the Compliance Department of the Bank, 534, rue de Neudorf L-2220 Luxembourg.
  • Call the telephone line: + 352 420 724 111 and leave a message on the answering machine.
  • Send an email to the Group hotline ethicshotline@eurobank.gr
  • Send a letter to Group Compliance General Division’s mail address, 2-6 Pesmazoglou, 105 59, Athens
  • Call the telephone centre in Greece (0030 2144058990) and either talk directly to one of the authorized staff who handle these calls or leave a message on the answering machine.

Any person, and in particular employees or former employees of the Bank in Luxembourg, may in good faith submit a report directly to the CSSF in a confidential and secured manner if that person has reasonable grounds for believing that the report will show breaches of applicable regulation by entities or persons of the Bank which fall under the supervision of the CSSF.

The Eurobank Private Bank Luxembourg SA Audit Committee defines the procedures that ensure confidentiality and secrecy for all reports and comments. It also systematically monitors the application of these procedures.

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