Third-Party Payment Services


In accordance with the provisions of the Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2), Eurobank Private Bank Luxembourg S.A. (hereafter referred to as “Eurobank) is granting Customers (hereafter referred as PSU) access to their accounts through Third Party Providers (hereafter referred to as TPPs) to allow consultants and/or payments.

In that context, Eurobank implemented LUXHUB’s API solution. To find the technical specifications of the API solution please use the following link : LUXHUB’s developer portal


TPPs can access Eurobank’s dedicated interfaces:

  • under production environment (Prod) for allowing Customer to access their accounts and/or emit payments from a third party providers (e.g. merchants allowing payment directly from the Customer's Bank account, aggregators allowing consultation of owned accounts of all Banks through a single interface, etc.)
  • under testing environment (Sandbox) for integrating with Eurobank with a test of basic sample data.


API standard used
Eurobank implemented the Berlin Group standard version 1.13220190215.
For further information, please use the following link :


Consent management

Eurobank implemented the “Detailed Consent” model as per the Berlin Group standard version 1.13220190215.


Authentication procedure

The authentication procedure applied is the redirection approach, where the individual steps of the authentication are not executed at LUXHUB’s Access to Account interface, but directly between the PSU and Eurobank. The PSU is redirected to the Bank’s web interface for authentication and thereby temporarily leaves the TPP interface for authentication. Once the PSU has been redirected to the Bank’s authentication service, the authentication of the PSU is executed step by step directly between the Bank and the PSU. After completion of the authentication, the PSU is redirected back to the TPP interface without sharing any authentication elements with the TPP. LUXHUB verifies the integrity of this identification by validating Eurobank’s signature of the PSU.


Functionalities offered

Eurobank offers the following via its API:

  • Account Information Services (AIS), which allows AISPs to access information on customer’s accounts, such as a list of all available accounts, balances of given accounts and additional details as well as transaction reports;
  • Payment Initiation Services (PIS), which enables PISPs to initiate payment orders, to adjust those if necessary and to access information on the status of these payments.


Protocols used and communication


Legal references and background


EBA Report on RTS

Directive 2018/389 on RTS on SCA & CSC




Account Information Service / Account Information Service Provider


Application Programming Interface

Berlin Group Standard

This Standard has been developed by Berlin Group NextGenPSD2 in collaboration with representatives of the market supply-side, i.e. banks, banking associations, payment associations, payment schemes and interbank processors operating in SEPA


Payment Service Provider issuing card-based payment instruments


Payment Initiation Service / Payment Initiation Service Provider


Payment Service Provider


Payment Service User


Strong Customer Authentication


Third Party Provider allowing access to ASPSP under surveillance of their respective regulators - namely, AISPs, PISPs and CBPIIs


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